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C. Difficile Risk Score Calculator for Prophylactic Probiotics

Created by Azzam, Sharma, Baz

Calculates patients' risk stratification for C. difficile infection and notifies providers whether patient would benefit from the prophylactic administration of probiotics.


History of stay in a communal-living health care facility in the previous 60 days

Days of hospitalization in the previous 60 days

History of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

History of Cardiovascular Disease

History of Rheumatologic Disease

History of Diabetes

History of Liver Disease

History of Malignancy or Metastatic Tumor

History of Chronic Kidney Disease

Defined as CKD diagnosis or history of dialysis. CKD = chronic kidney disease.

History of Antibiotic Use

Antibiotic use in the 60 days before admission was classified into 4 mutually exclusive groups: 1) use of high-risk antibiotics, including second- and third-generation cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, and clindamycin; 2) medium-risk antibiotic use, including amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and macrolides; 3) low-risk antibiotic use, including all antibiotics not considered to be high-risk or medium-risk; and 4) no antibiotic use.

History of Gastric Acid Suppressant Use

History of Immunosuppression

History of Chemotherapy


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